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Last October 6, Lord Fan held a dream wedding at the Bali Bulgari Hotel. The water table is connected to the sea and Sky, the fan and boy wearing white yarn

A vow together as it happened yesterday. One night, I had nightmares, I dreamed of cancer, I was dying, and I was crying so badly. He said, “Let’s get married, then, if you got sick, I can take care of you forever.”

” One day, I became a Yang Tai. Boy A’s initials are YRX, there are Fan You said he is a human heart, “willing to have a heart, the white never to be.”

At the seaside wedding, has been our idea, there are flowers, there are lovers, there is the sea, there are loved ones to witness together.

Many Fan You have come to ask fan, about in Bali Bulgari Hotel wedding all sorts of, today fan to do a treasure Bulgari wedding all Raiders, also want to hold wedding Here you, fast collection up.

In a few sections, you can see what you are most interested in depending on your needs:

On the issues of time, price, photography, equipment, etc.

Bulgari wedding with four venues to choose from

The process and attention of the wedding ceremony of Bulgari water platform

How to do dinner, how to choose the restaurant and scenery

How to photograph a hotel

The hotel offers a sea view Villa experience

Parents, guest placement

📷 about time, price, photography, equipment and so on

First, we’re going to solve four basic problems–

❶. How long does it take to book Bali Grishui wedding?

If it is normal, if more value the date, in advance more than six months to book will be better. If 11 is Golden Week, wedding, travel peak, to be ahead of time longer.

Like fan master six months ahead of schedule, but then Golden Week 8 days, and only 6th have a location to choose.

❷. How much is the price of holding a water platform wedding at Bali Bulgari Hotel?

Bulgari water Taiwan Wedding, with Yang, Lin Xin such as stars to do weddings, popularity and price full strength.