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The crocodile is also an animal element that Cartier loves very much. Looking back on 1975, Cartier’s custom-made crocodile necklace for Maria Felix, two crocodiles with lengths of 30.0 cm and 27.30 cm each formed a hinged structural necklace; the emerald-decorated crocodile bites the crocodile decorated with yellow diamonds, exaggerated Amazing, and the perfect combination of Maria’s temperament. In addition, both crocodiles can be split and worn as a brooch alone. When wearing a necklace, in order to avoid scratching the neck, the crocodile can also be changed to a five-claw shape. Cartier not only uses the animal series on the necklace bracelet, but also often combines with the bag. For example, this crocodile pattern of high-end jewelry handbags, crocodile decoration made of gold + diamond + emerald material Imitation Bulgari bracelet Jewelry, very retro style.

Replica Bulgari bracelet

The most interesting thing is that the crocodile above can also be converted into a brooch Replica Bulgari bracelet, which is limited to one in the world. The black silk satin pleated flaps and handmade gold powder are hand-crafted by the craftsmen of the pleated workshop Maison Lognon. There is also an amazing high-end jewellery at the exhibition. It is a NYMPHALIS necklace that shows the wings of the butterfly. Cartier’s designers are staggered with yellow, orange and brown teardrop-cut diamonds to create different levels of color. When light is transmitted into these gems, it will flash a radiant glow, and the moment when the butterfly vibrates its wings, it will be revealed through the gorgeous jewels. Even more interesting is that this is more than just a necklace. By disassembly, you can become a headgear, a bracelet and a brooch.