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St. Puller, while reminiscing with Julie’s bits and pieces, creates a ring that condenses the love of the lover on the ring. When the ring was completed, the beautiful shape and the dazzling brilliance of the diamond attracted many nobles to come and buy it at a high price, but they were rejected by Saint-Puller. Even though this ring is a wonderful piece, Saint-Puller always feels that this ring is not perfect and does not represent the pure and unique love in his heart. For this reason, Saint-Puller can’t do anything about it. Every day, he thinks about how to make this diamond ring unique. Until one day, when Saint-Puller modified the silver ring for a civilian woman, she accidentally burned her fingers with a red-hot silver ring,

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but when Saint-Puls handled her fingers, she found fingerprints on the silver ring. trace. Saint-Puller stares at these messy lines, and suddenly the aura shines, the fingerprints are unique! Saint-Puls was so weeping that he was happy that he could finally create a ring that was unique in the world and matched Julie. So he sneaked his fingerprint on the inside of the arm… When the diamond ring was completed in six months, Saint-Puer shaped the bones, frosted the hair, and he tremblingly held the ring Imitation Bulgari bracelet Jewelry, hot. The tears dripped on the ring and slipped off the fingertips… Later the ring was sent to Julie’s hand, and no one told her the source of the ring. When Julie opened the diamond ring box, the pure and flawless ring made her beautiful. She looked at the ring carefully and found a fingerprint that was carefully imprinted in the ring Replica Bulgari bracelet. Julie clenched the ring and kissed it.