Please turn me into a ring [touching story]

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Please turn me into a ring [touching story] The boy met a girl who fell in love with the girl at first sight, but the boy soon knew that the girl’s heart had already belonged to it and that the wedding would soon take place. The boy is extremely painful. He can’t imagine how he would live if he lost his beloved girl. Everything around him was eclipsed in his eyes, and he lost interest in everything. Boys often sit on a bench in the park and miss their beloved girl. ‘If I can see her once a day Imitation Bulgari bracelet Jewelry, how good it is! Even if I see it once in two days, I will feel very happy!’ The boy sighed like this many times. One day, the boy sat on the bench again, looking sadly at the blooming water lily on the calm lake. Unconsciously, night fell. The white sleeping lotuses on the water have closed and entered a sweet dream. Only one flower is still blooming in the dark lake. So the boy went to the shore and bent down, trying to find a way to help this flower that didn’t fall asleep. Suddenly, a dazzling white light flashed like a star in the sky. The boy blinked subconsciously, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a beautiful girl standing in front of him. “Who are you?” asked the surprised boy. “I am the queen of the lake and live in this lake,” said the beautiful girl. “I stood in the middle of those lotuses during the day and returned to the present at night, sending people to sleep and helping them realize their dreams.” The boy carefully looked at the pretty girl and praised: ‘You are so beautiful!’ ‘Then you want to be with me forever?’ asked the beautiful girl who claimed to be the queen. ‘I can’t!’ The boy said, and lowered his gaze. ‘Because I have fallen in love with a girl, I think I only love her one in this life.’ ‘I know, but she already has a heart.’ ‘This is not Obstacles, I will love her to the last breath of life anyway.’ ‘You hope that I don’t want me to cut your love? So you can forget the girl and become carefree and happy again.’ The Queen asked. ‘No!’ ‘Why?’ The Queen is very puzzled. ‘Because I don’t know what is more precious and better than love in this world,’ the boy replied. ‘Well,’ the Queen meditated for a moment. ‘Do you want the girl to forget her current lover and fall in love with you?’ ‘Don’t want it!’ The boy shook his head decisively. ‘For me, my loved one.’ Happiness is more important than my own happiness. I love her so much, let her and her chosen lover always be happy together.’ ‘Now I know, you really love that girl. True love is not just to hope that you are happy, but to hope that the people you love are happier,’ said the Queen. ‘Then maybe you have other wishes? I can help you achieve any wish.’ The Queen suggested. At this time, the boy’s eyes radiated a strange light, excitedly said: ‘Yes! I have a wish! I hope you turn me into a wedding ring, wear on the fingers of my beloved girl!’ ‘Okay, that’s it.’ The Queen disappeared when she finished. The boy wanted to stop the queen, but did not shout. He has become a ring and is worn in the hands of his beloved Replica Bulgari bracelet. Now you know? Why is the wedding ring made of gold? Why is the ring shining? Because the boy has a heart of gold, because the boy’s love is brighter than the sun’s rays. Maybe you also saw the diamond inlaid on the ring, the diamond is the teardrop of the loyal boy, the tears of love.