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Make a timeless piece of jewelry, accompany you from the girl beauty to the old woman. Put the gentleness of Chinese minimalism into the jewelry, the Orientals implicitly think carefully, maybe look at the feelings, once the years have passed Imitation Bulgari bracelet Jewelry, they are all affectionate. Wen Tingjun once had a poem ‘Ling 珑骰子安红豆, knowing the bones into the bones,’ which is a token and a symbol. So we are thinking, is there a beautiful and long-lasting object that can express such love? In 2018, artist Zhang Lijun and a group of independent designers created the “Tiangong Collection”, and they participated in countless of them. They often used Suzhou garden as the geometric inspiration to make the wonderful jewelry design, which was beautiful and suffocating. When designer Zhang Lijun found us with her work, we thought, why not use Suzhou Xiaoxuan window to be a ‘exquisite’ that everyone can wear aesthetics. Jewelry design is a slow feeling, the designer Zhang Lijun said, we all like to talk with the object with one heart and one mind, with the feeling of hands and hearts. In the three-month design time, it is often a manuscript. Everyone discusses, insists on the initial heart of Chinese aesthetics, and has its own style. The traditional subtlety and contemporary simplicity cannot be less. People who are familiar with the material know that beauty is our way of life. So the jewelry you see now is a square silver frame Replica Bulgari bracelet, which is filled with a freshwater pearl. It is like a lucky one. Some people guard it and regard it as a treasure.